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Wellcat's Herb Pillows

With so many scholarly and romantic studies vested in our quest for deep, nurturing sleep, and—for some of us, wistful longings for deliciously vivid dreams or the banishment of even a squeak of a nightmare—it’s hardly surprising that Wellcat's Dream Pillows are clutched by the weary, sighed over by the romantic and slumbered upon by the dreamer.

Wellcat’s Dream Pillows are lovely, handcrafted packets filled with all natural herbs (no fixatives are added; essential oils are added, as noted, only in the Lavender & Eucalyptus Dream Pillows). To enjoy their benefits, toss one where you might rest your head for a restorative nap or tuck it inside of your regular bed pillow. The warmth of your head will release the herbal scent.

Studies show that an effective way to appreciate the herbal effects of your pillow is to use it for several days—up to a week—then tuck it away in an air-proof bag until you feel inclined to resume use (or simply continue with it until scent has disappeared; the natural essence usually lasts 8 to 12 months even with regular use).

You'll discover that your dream pillow is made with two separate fabrics; muslin is used for the insert, which holds the herb or herb blend of your choice. Various beautiful fabrics, mostly silk tapestry, are used for the lovely outer fabric, which is sewn as an envelope-style cover in which the muslin insert is tucked. 

There are three fabric choices for the exterior cover of your Dream Pillow:

Fabric #1 Fabric #2 Fabric #3

 Our Regular size is approximately 5" x 8" and costs $13.95

The Royal size is approximately 6" x 12" and costs $22.95