Collection: Potpourri Originals by Mistress Ruth

Wellcat's Wonderful Potpourri

~ more than a dozen delightful varieties ~

Wellcat potpourri will sweeten your drawers, create a special aura in any room of your home, your workplace or your car. Our potpourri is a welcome addition when you want a special essence to cheer the air or soothe your soul. We love it in a little wooden bowl right next to our computer, in a glass jar on our hallway hamper, in sweet bags tucked in corners everywhere!

Enjoy Wellcat potpourri in the following sizes:

Regular Size for $10.00 (a 4”x6” very full zip lock bag)

Royal Size for $25.00 (which is approximately 3 X the Regular Size)

In beautiful, handcrafted Sweet Bags for $8.00 (fabrics vary, size is approximately 3”x 4” with double satin ribbons).