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Renaissance Rogue (also known as Wellcat's Basic Moth Chaser)

Renaissance Rogue (also known as Wellcat's Basic Moth Chaser)

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The original Wellcat potpourri, Renaissance Rogue is a subtle & truly unique mix of garden-harvested herbs & flowers, aged & cured with imported spices, select fixatives & oils. Let's face it, the scent of granny's moth balls simply doesn't harmonize with your favorite cologne or perfume. That's just one good reason why you'll want to stock up on this versatile & delightful blend. The other reasons? It's all-natural, smells good (lavender & cedar with a hint of mint) & it's very effective for keeping those little nibblers away from your treasured woolens & heirloom quilts. Renaissance Rogue is loaded with cedar wood chips, patchouli, bay leaves and more than a dozen garden-harvested herbs which act as natural moth repellants. Stash some in those seldom used suitcases, musty old cupboards, even your car trunk. Very effective against silver fish; perfect sachet for sweaters, blankets & fine linens. Delightful in apothecary jars or large wooden bowls, too!

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